3 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan During a Divorce

During a divorce, updating your will may be the last thing on your mind. However, there are multiple risks involved if your estate plan goes ignored. After a will and estate plan have been created, revisit them and make necessary revisions to reflect any major life changes that have occurred since the last update. Addressing Important Financial Issues There are... Read More

5 Qualities to Look For in a McAllen Probate Attorney

When looking for a McAllen probate attorney, there are a lot of boxes you need to check off your checklist before deciding on the right one. Not only is experience a big indicator of success, but you need to find their willingness to go above and beyond for your legal matter. Finding the right probate lawyer to rightfully represent you... Read More

4 Facts About Working with McAllen Probate Lawyers

Probate court can seem confusing or intimidating to undergo, especially if you are a beneficiary. Not only does a court review your loved ones’ will, but there is technical jargon, and some family members may even want to contest the will. Mourning a loved one’s passing is hard. What should not be difficult, is who you trust to help you... Read More

How to Set a Contested Will Final Hearing with Our Probate Attorneys in McAllen

Dealing with a contested will may include defending your loved one’s will is valid, and preserved as originally written. With all the legal vocabulary involved, it is important to learn these five terms with our probate attorneys in the city of McAllen. In a time of mourning, dealing with legal feuds is the last thing you want to deal with.... Read More

5 Probate Terms Our Probate Attorneys in McAllen Need You to Know

If you find that your loved one's last testament has been challenged, also known as contesting a will, it's best to find legal representation. Our probate attorneys in McAllen have the experience and determination to guide you to a legal victory. Our team has put together a list of terms to help you better understand the basics. Contested Wills A contested... Read More

3 Levels of a Contested Will Explained by a Probate Attorney in McAllen

You’ve made your will, and you’ve created a full-proof estate plan. What next? Have you considered what happens if your will is contested? Contesting a will refers to a person, usually a family member, who declares they deserve more of your property than another beneficiary. Loved ones and other beneficiaries can disagree or contest a will for months or even... Read More

5 FAQs on Handling a Contested with from our Probate Lawyers in McAllen

Contested wills are no walk in the park, they require proper legal experience to combat in the court system. Don’t let finances interfere with your loved ones reach out to our probate lawyers in McAllen. Barrera and Associates can give you thorough step-by-step guidance in helping you plan your next move. What is a Will? A will is a carefully... Read More

Different McAllen Wills and Trusts that Can Be Implemented

Part of planning McAllen wills and trusts includes what type of these documents will you use. There are several wills you can use. A trust is an arrangement that allows trustees to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. Before diving into the various trusts available to include in a Texas will, we are going to go over some rudimentary... Read More

How to Create a Will With a Probate Attorney in McAllen

What is a will? A will is a written document that explains who receives your assets after your death. Here at Barrera and Associates, we specialize in estate planning with our clients ensuring a will is made for your personal items.  Why Should I Create a Will With a Probate Attorney in McAllen?  There are about 50-60% of Americans who... Read More

Choose our Probate Attorneys in McAllen for all Your Estate Planning Needs

Do you have a difficult time talking about writing a will? Our probate attorneys in McAllen know that handling someone's affairs can be difficult. We want to clarify how the probate process works to distribute your will and the terms you and your family need to know.   Important Terms to Know for Probate There are different roles and terms... Read More