Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

Nowadays, blended families are becoming common, which can complicate matters when it comes to estate planning. Families with children from more than one marriage have to take certain issues into consideration that other families don’t. The following are some tips for developing a strategy that will address those issues and lessen the chances of a family dispute occurring later on.... Read More

Steps to Take When Planning Your Estate

Chances are the last thing you consider immediately after your wedding is estate planning. With the honeymoon on the horizon and a long life together ahead, most newlyweds figure they have plenty of time to formulate estate plans, but this is ill-advised. It’s important for you and your spouse to take the time to update your estate plans to make... Read More

An Estate Planning Refresher: The Importance of Updating Your Will

The initial estate planning process might leave many inclined to postpone reviewing and updating of what becomes of his/her belongings after their passing. However, updating your will is just as important as having one drafted. An outdated will can cause difficulties for your family members when it comes to deciding what becomes of assets. Updating it can be a tedious... Read More

Be Prepared: Important Documents for Your Estate Planning Arsenal

Estate-planning involves more than just preparing for one’s passing. It encompasses comprehensive planning if you should ever become seriously ill, injured, or incapacitated. Avoid finding yourself in a position where you are unable to make important medical or financial decisions for yourself. Draft a will, but also have a durable power of attorney and/or a medical power of attorney now... Read More

Thinking of Tomorrow: Estate Planning Tips for the Digital Age

Everything from banking to commerce is done online nowadays, stressing the importance for people who rely heavily on the Internet for their day-to-day business activities to plan their estate accordingly. Banks and credit card companies often advertise the benefits of going paperless (receiving notices and important information through email rather than postal mail). What they neglect to inform you about... Read More

Stress Free: Easier Estate Planning in Just a Few Simple Steps

A majority of people find it uncomfortable and distressing when thinking about the day they pass on and what will become of their personal belongings. In fact, several recent studies show that a significant portion of Americans currently have no last will and testament. The process of formulating a will is not as grueling as many perceive it to be.... Read More

Not So Silent Trusts: Potentially Problematic Estate Planning Tools

Silent trusts may seem appropriate for trustees wanting to keep beneficiaries in the dark regarding potential assets. Remain cautious, as these trusts have the potential to backfire and create a shift in family dynamics without the oversight of an attorney. You may be interested in becoming familiar with the issues involved in establishing a silent trust if it is one... Read More

The Best Way to Approach Unequal Estate Distributions

The estate planning process involves several important decisions being made and valid questions being raised. This is especially true when it comes to families who plan to split their assets unequally amongst several children. Parents have their reasons for distributing estates unevenly between family members and feel their reasons for wanting to do so are completely valid. The fact remains... Read More

Estate Planning: More Than Just Wills and Trusts

In terms of estate planning, peoples’ thoughts may include documents such as wills and trusts. It is important to remember that there is more to estate planning than what may or may not occur upon a person's death. There are legal documents, such as durable and healthcare power of attorneys, which can make caring for a person at the end... Read More

Planning for the Unexpected: An Overview of Estate Planning

Age is irrelevant when it comes to estate planning. Most young adults do not consider drafting such a plan a top priority. An estate plan goes beyond determining what becomes of property when someone dies. It is a set of legal documents which allow people to leave instructions regarding their care if they become incapacitated and distribution of assets if... Read More