3 Tips to Maintain Healthy Child Custody with Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s important that parents who share their children during this period work as a unit to make this season a positive one. As divorce attorneys in McAllen, TX, we see many families struggle with this time of year and want to help with a few tips. Determine Your Priorities Figuring out what is most important... Read More

How Much You Could be Paying for Child Support in the State of Texas?

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, no matter how you tackle it. Things don’t have to be this way if you understand what it is you need to do. The following will guide you through the child support laws of Texas and how much you can be paying. Our McAllen divorce lawyers can help you during this difficult... Read More

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Considering Joint Custody with Your Former Spouse

Joint custody, also known as joint managing conservatorship in Texas, is a topic that many people grow largely anxious about following a divorce. There are a few things that can help you and your former spouse when dealing with this potentially tricky situation that involves your children. Remember that you aren’t alone in this. By taking into account the following... Read More

5 Mistakes You Should Carefully Avoid During Your Estate Planning Efforts

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Difficult Decisions: How Child Custody is Usually Handled

For married couples considering or currently going through a divorce, many questions and fears will undoubtedly come up. Who will the house go to? What about the cars, bank accounts and even debt? There’s a lot to process during a divorce, but perhaps the most important factor is child custody. If you and your spouse have children, then deciding who... Read More

The Importance of Fulfilling Your Child Support Obligation

Paying child support can be a headache or a breezy process depending on the state of mind you approach it with. While each state has its set of rules concerning child support obligations, there are some principles you can follow to maintain a cool head on your shoulders. Our child support lawyers can help you navigate this tricky process and... Read More

Deciding Whether a Trust or Will is Best for You

We all work for our money and do our best to make smart choices that will affect our loved ones positively after we pass, and it’s only natural to want some type of control over said assets (or at least what happens to them). It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived modestly your entire life, though. Having a strategy so that... Read More

How Power of Attorney Can be Beneficial in Dealing with Your Finances

As one of the most valuable tools in the legal field, a power of attorney document can help with finances, especially when older adults are involved. It can help with managing specific financial transactions or with regular, everyday monetary affairs. The bottom line is that it becomes a simple and easy process that can be used to handle the finances... Read More

The Importance of Having a Will That Protects Your Assets

Are you thinking about writing a will in the near future? There are many details of preparing and writing a will to take into consideration, and many times, people might become overwhelmed with the process. Let's talk about how to reduce the amount of stress that seems synonymous with preparing a will. Consult with our family law attorneys in McAllen... Read More

7 Steps You Should be Taking in Order to Draft a Full-Proof Estate Plan

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