No one is ever entirely prepared to undergo a divorce, as all too critical elements are hard to balance alone. The mental and emotional rollercoasters of divorce can wear you down, making the ordeal overwhelming and seemingly unbearable. It does not have to be, quality legal representation is a consultation away.

McAllen Divorce Lawyers

In the State of Texas, couples may file an “at fault” or “no fault” divorce accompanied by any of the seven grounds for divorce, if applicable. Filing a no fault divorce is less complex, sparing couples the need to provide proof of allegations to the court, whereas an at-fault divorce requires detailed evidence during litigation. Choosing which one your divorce best falls under will directly impact property division, alimony, and child custody.

Protect Your Assets and Children

The stakes are higher when assets and children are involved. Engaging in bitter fights over child custody and assets often add fuel to the fire. Our divorce attorneys in McAllen will outline your parental and property rights and help ensure that your next step will be the right one.

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