5 Qualities to Look For in a McAllen Probate Attorney

When looking for a McAllen probate attorney, there are a lot of boxes you need to check off your checklist before deciding on the right one. Not only is experience a big indicator of success, but you need to find their willingness to go above and beyond for your legal matter. Finding the right probate lawyer to rightfully represent you... Read More

Texas Judge Disregards Probate Law

Debra Catalani, daughter of Billie Ray Hood, hired attorneys to gain control over her mother’s assets after Billie Ray was stricken with Alzheimer's disease. Catalini was granted control by Texas judge Jack Rickhoff, stripping Billie Ray’s husband, Jack Hood, of his rights. According to the Section 883 of the Texas Probate Law, Hood should have been granted control. Section 883... Read More