When to Change Your Will

You’ve made the decision to write a will. You have thought about whom amongst your family and friends will receive your belongings after you pass. Avoid making the mistake of leaving it as is should any of the following occur. You Marry/Divorce If you’re marrying, whether it is your first or a subsequent one, it is always important to revisit... Read More

Wills: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Writing One

Are you approaching your twilight years and have no idea what will become of your assets after you pass? A will should always be made whether you have many assets or very few. Several assets that you own can be listed in a will. Such assets usually include personal belongings, stocks, savings accounts, etc. So now you have a list... Read More

Why Having a Will is Important

A person’s sudden death can have detrimental effects on their loved ones. If they have no will, the situation can easily become ugly as family may squabble over who gets what. Dying without a will is referred to as intestate. What this means is that the deceased obviously has no say in which members of their family or friends will... Read More

Understanding Probate Litigation and Why You Need A Probate Attorney

In the event of a person’s death, their will is processed through the state court system. This is called probating a will. Once the court system approves the will’s validity, then proper distribution of the estate follows. However, when family members of the deceased person decide to dispute a will, it is referred to as probate litigation. Probate litigation is... Read More

Estate Planning: Why It’s Important

It is important to consider what will occur to your property, wealth and possessions after your death. Neglecting to consider this can leave your family in disarray. Family tension and stress rise when the division of your estate is at stake. Estate planning is the act of planning and formulating documents that handle every aspect of your estate. Prevent family... Read More

Pre-Nup vs. Last Will and Testament

In the event that a loved one dies, there may be issues that can arise regarding inheritance, estate, or possessions. A widowed wife or husband may have questions as to which document supersedes the other. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people before marriage stating information regarding wealth and estate in the event of divorce or death. A... Read More

What is a Trust?

Much like a will, a trust is formulated for the distribution of your property, life insurance and other assets after death. A trust is not a substitute for a last will and testament. Both documents supplement each other in that a will is formulated for property, wealth and other desired intentions not discussed in a trust. A specific trust should... Read More

Choosing an Executor for Your Last Will and Testament

Creating a last will and testament is important for the distribution of wealth, estate and other possessions in the event of a person’s death. Naming a competent and responsible executor for your last will and testament is essential. When choosing the right executor, special consideration should be taken because the executor will oversee fiduciary duties. Selecting someone you trust that... Read More

Legal Software and Wills

Wills are important and necessary. A living will ensure that your loved ones or doctors are informed of your medical wishes in case of a traumatic accident, illness, or incapacitation. Your instructions will be dictated so that no one is confused or emotionally distressed when you are in need of medical attention. A last will and testament will leave orders... Read More

Living and Last Will

When considering the possibility of sickness or death, it is important to also consider the significance of living wills and last wills. Both documents will help facilitate the process of a person during sickness, or the process for the loved ones of a person during death. It is always a good idea to plan for the worst, because not only... Read More