Legal Software and Wills

Wills are important and necessary. A living will ensure that your loved ones or doctors are informed of your medical wishes in case of a traumatic accident, illness, or incapacitation. Your instructions will be dictated so that no one is confused or emotionally distressed when you are in need of medical attention. A last will and testament will leave orders... Read More

Living and Last Will

When considering the possibility of sickness or death, it is important to also consider the significance of living wills and last wills. Both documents will help facilitate the process of a person during sickness, or the process for the loved ones of a person during death. It is always a good idea to plan for the worst, because not only... Read More

Preparing to Meet with a Probate Lawyer

Before going to meet with a probate lawyer, it is important to have the necessary documents at hand. To help speed the process, it is helpful to take documents that will help your attorney understand the estate, and your debt. The skilled probate attorneys at Barerra, Sanchez and Associates, P.C., in McAllen, can help you organize your documents and get... Read More