People choose to increase their family by adopting a child or baby. The process can be long, but ultimately, very rewarding. In the state of Texas, there are different laws for adoption. Becoming familiar with the laws and regulations is necessary to begin the preliminary adoption requirements.

Open and closed adoptions are the two options families can choose from. An open adoption allows the birth mother, and/or father, to know information about the adoptive parents and sometimes, they are able to meet and maintain a relationship with the new parents and child. Closed adoptions are much more private. The birth and adoptive parents never meet or exchange information. The process keeps the adoptive parents anonymous.

Getting help from a skilled attorney is important. You risk your privacy and protection for you and your child. Contact the adoption lawyers of Barrera, Sanchez and Associates, P.C. at 956-287-7555. We look forward to working with you throughout the adoption process.