If you or a loved one is currently going through a divorce, arranging their will or looking for justice after a negligent accident, our legal services can help in reaching the outcome you need. The lawyers of Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C. understand how important your case is. To shed some light on the practice areas we handle, we’ve prepared a series of articles to provide important information.

Family Law

When a marriage begins to wane and deteriorate, it’s not uncommon for issues to surface and make way for heated divorces. These family law issues can cause vicious quarrels between couples, but expert legal counsel and access to vital information can help you.

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Personal Injury

Injuries can occur when you least expect them, but when they’re caused by someone else’s negligent actions, it’s your right to seek justice. Our job is to help you find the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. Let’s start off by learning every aspect regarding personal injury cases.

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Commercial Law

At Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C., we value your business as if it were our own and want to help you keep it growing for years to come. Our commercial law attorneys and legal experts have prepared all of the information you need to start, grow and protect your business.

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Litigation can be one of the most important steps in disputing a case or claim in court. However, this process can additionally be expansive, overwhelming and often complicated, but don’t worry, our team of legal experts is here to accompany you every step of the way.

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When a loved one passes, many families have to deal with the added stress and tension of distributing that individual’s estate. It’s important to ensure that our loved ones don’t have to deal with that burden, which is why learning the ins and outs of probate law is a must.

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