Child Visitation

Seeing your child post-divorce is considered a privilege, as the court has the authority to void your visitation rights in the event you cannot provide a healthy, loving environment for your child during assigned dates.

Once granted possessory conservatorship, dates are assigned, whereby the court will outline specific responsibilities and duties that you must consent to and abide by. The Texas Family Code provides a firm visitation schedule called Standard Possession Order. If not suited for your work schedule or the amount of time you want to spend with your child, modifications may be implemented.

Visitation schedules and visitation modifications are sensitive issues that require the legal expertise of a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Acquiring professional legal representation can help prevent custodial matters from escalating in court.

If a custody agreement is presented, the court will normally adhere to the parents’ request, unless otherwise given reason not to do so. Let our divorce attorneys in McAllen guide you with legal counsel beneficial to the outcome of your divorce.