3 McAllen Probate Strategies to Protect Your Legacy

Estate planning is crucial to securing your assets and ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth to your loved ones after you're gone. But what happens afterward? Depending on your situation, one of your loved ones or a credit provider may want to claim your assets. This is where the McAllen probate process occurs. We want to share a few ways... Read More

Contesting a Will with our Probate Attorneys in McAllen

Giving assets through a will is a critical aspect of estate planning. However, there are situations where your loved ones may believe them: Suspect foul play in the execution of a will. Need to be provided more property. Have to fight a credit provider who is claiming your property. In such cases, contesting a will becomes an option to seek... Read More

5 Qualities to Look For in a McAllen Probate Attorney

When looking for a McAllen probate attorney, there are a lot of boxes you need to check off your checklist before deciding on the right one. Not only is experience a big indicator of success, but you need to find their willingness to go above and beyond for your legal matter. Finding the right probate lawyer to rightfully represent you... Read More

How to Set a Contested Will Final Hearing with Our Probate Attorneys in McAllen

Dealing with a contested will may include defending your loved one’s will is valid, and preserved as originally written. With all the legal vocabulary involved, it is important to learn these five terms with our probate attorneys in the city of McAllen. In a time of mourning, dealing with legal feuds is the last thing you want to deal with.... Read More

7 Reasons for Creating a Will in 2023 with our McAllen Probate Lawyers

If you have not created a will and trust, there is no better time than the present. Before we enter 2023, consider what assets you own now and who you wish to include in your estate plan. Our McAllen probate attorneys provides exceptional service and representation for probate proceedings, contested wills, and estate planning. There are many reasons you want... Read More