Understanding Legal and Physical Custody: Key Considerations for Co-Parents

Child custody arrangements pose significant challenges for co-parents as they determine the upbringing and well-being of their children. Key to these arrangements is grasping the differences between legal and physical custody, both of which profoundly impact parental rights, responsibilities, and decision-making authority. Legal custody grants the right and responsibility to make crucial decisions in a child's life, including education, healthcare,... Read More

8Child Custody Cases from Our Divorce Attorney

It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the regulations if seeking child custody in McAllen. Compared to other states, there are different guidelines and statutes concerning child custody cases. Here are eight things that affect child custody laws in Texas, helping you make informed choices for your child's well-being. Types of Custody Arrangements Texas has two primary types... Read More

Modifying an Order with Child Custody Attorneys in McAllen

 Child custody orders establish the well-being and upbringing of children during and after a couple is divorced. This blog post will explore when and how to seek changes with child custody attorneys in Texas, including the legal requirements and the process involved. However, it is not an order set for life, and co-parents can request to modify a court order.... Read More

5 FAQS Answered by Our Child Custody Lawyers in McAllen

Child custody is a complex and emotionally charged issue, but understanding your rights and the legal standards that apply can help you make informed decisions that protect your child's well-being. Our child custody lawyers in McAllen will explain your rights when it comes to determining the child's best interest, creating a parenting plan, and modifying a child conservatorship order. Scroll... Read More

5 Common FAQs Parents Have for Our Child Custody Lawyers in McAllen

Divorcing can be a strenuous process, especially with children involved. You won't just separate assets, but who is given custody rights over your child? If you are going through a dispute with our child custody lawyers in McAllen, it is essential to understand your rights and the legal process involved. Our child custody lawyers in McAllen can: Advise you on... Read More

4 Child Custody FAQS Beginner Parents Ask Lawyers in McAllen

Child custody is a complex and emotional issue that can arise during divorce or separation. For beginner parents in McAllen, Texas, navigating the legal system and understanding the intricacies of child custody can be overwhelming. To help with your research, our  lawyers in McAllen answer four child custody FAQs by beginner parents. How is Child Custody Determined? When deciding child custody... Read More

2 Tips to Consider When Seeking a Possession Order With our Divorce Lawyers

Following your divorce, wanting full custody of your child or children is fully understandable. However, it’s important to take into account the many factors that will play in deciding if either you or your ex-spouse will gain custody and which will be given visitation rights. If you’re seeking a possession order as the non-custodial parent, then it’s doubly important to... Read More

4 Tips to Respond to a Child Visitation Order from our Child Custody Lawyers in McAllen

  After a divorce occurs, it can be tough for two former spouses to come to an agreement regarding who cares for their children and how this will be done. This is especially true if the spouses had a rocky divorce and emotions are constantly high when the two are in each other’s presence. Read on to learn four tips... Read More

What You Need to Know about Child Custody from Our Family Lawyers in McAllen

In a previous blog, we covered conservatorship roles assigned in custody hearings. These roles determine child custody. In Texas, custody can only be approved by a judge, and our family lawyers in McAllen can help with your hearing. Learn more about child custody and why it’s essential to have dependable representation like us by your side.  How is Custody Determined?... Read More

6 Common Myths Debunked by our Child Custody Attorneys in McAllen

Are you facing a child custody battle for the first time? Before you even start the custody battle, you should be prepared and well-versed so you can fight for your right to your child. We’ve put together 6 of the most common myths about child custody, so you can confidentially meet with our child custody attorneys in McAllen.  Myth 1:... Read More