Our McAllen Probate Lawyers 5 Steps to Dealing with a Contested Will

A will is a legal document that outlines how a person’s property is distributed after their passing.  Yet, if a family member is displeased with the will, they can challenge it in court with a McAllen probate lawyer. This is known as contesting a will. When someone disputes the will, it can pose several obstacles for the beneficiaries. If you were listed as an heir, here’s the steps to take to get what is yours, and fulfill your loved one’s last and final testament to their possessions. 

How Can the Will Be Contested?

You were slapped with a suit contesting a will that lists you as a recipient. You’re probably thinking how is this possible, but there are several possible ways that a will can be contested such as:

  • The testator was under the influence of substances 
  • The testator was not in the right state of mind when the said will was made.
  • There is suspected fraudulent information 
  • The previous will wasn’t denounced, making it the legal will
  • Any false information, etc. that can be fought

Don’t fret, the probabilities of an overturned will are low, but with us we can give you the one-up on your contester. 

Texas Forfeiture Clause

In the state of Texas, there is a forfeiture or “no contest clause” that a will contester will give up all rights to being a beneficiary even if they are mentioned in the will. An individual can rarely still be a beneficiary if the courts rule the contester as one who filed in “good trust” or with rightful action. This helps prevent litigation, and offers protection to the deceased entities last testament. 

Lawyer Up with Barrera Sanchez and Associates

With Barrera and Associates we can help provide you with the right steps forward to defending your loved one’s will. It is important to gather as much information and evidence that will help defend your rightful belongings. We will then work extensively with the information given, to help ensure the case is in your favor.

Know Your Financials 

Depending on the circumstance you can expect paying several thousands of dollars for a legal battle. A case is hardly within a few weeks of the lawsuit is filed, so it’s a necessity to go over your financials and how you can pay for the case. We offer consultations, and can try to work with you to guarantee you have the legal representation needed. 

What Makes Our Legal Team of Probate Lawyers Different?

One of the top-rated law firms in the Rio Grande Valley, we prioritize clear communication with our clients, so we can develop a winning approach to any case. We give energy, time, and dedication to every client we take on no matter the situation or probabilities of the matter. 

  • Sharply return calls or emails.
  • We are always accessible to our clients.
  • We help steer our clients through all tough legal questions.
  • Clients will always have transparent knowledge and understanding of their case.

We Offer Will Preparation and Probate

  • Constructing a will is an elaborate and worrying procedure that we can help navigate you through.  
  • We assist with the dispersal of a loved one’s possessions in a will. 
  • If a person dies without having drafted a will, you will need legal counsel; protect your assets and call probate lawyers that work for you!

Take Back What is Legally Yours with Our McAllen Probate Lawyer

Reach us with any questions and concerns by phone at (956) 287-7555 or shoot us a message on our site. Our legal team is here to fight for you. We offer the best possible legal services in the entire Rio Grande Valley. Call or click online today.

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