Visitation Rights: How to Go About Seeking Enforcement When Denied Time with Your Child

In most situations, both custodial and non-custodial parents deserve bonding time with their child, but problems can arise when both parties disagree on a visitation schedule. This can create tension and even ill feelings between both sides, and as we all know, your child deserves better than to be thrown into the mix of things. However, there may come a... Read More

Making Your Child Visitation and Custody Sessions Easier for Your Spouse and Children

  After a divorce occurs, it can be tough for two former spouses to come to an agreement regarding who cares for their children and how this will be done. This is especially true if the spouses had a rocky divorce and emotions are constantly high when the two are in each other’s presence. Read on to learn more about... Read More

3 Points to Consider When Seeking Visitation Rights with a Divorce Attorney in McAllen

Non-custodial parents are those who don’t make the day-to-day decisions for their child but do have legal rights like visitation. In order to have visitation rights, both parents must attend a hearing to be approved for a Standard Possession Order (SPO). This order is based on how close the parents live to each other, if they get along, and the... Read More

3 Tips to Maintain Healthy Child Custody with Your Ex-Spouse During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s important that parents who share their children during this period work as a unit to make this season a positive one. As divorce attorneys in McAllen, TX, we see many families struggle with this time of year and want to help with a few tips. Determine Your Priorities Figuring out what is most important... Read More

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Considering Joint Custody with Your Former Spouse

Joint custody, also known as joint managing conservatorship in Texas, is a topic that many people grow largely anxious about following a divorce. There are a few things that can help you and your former spouse when dealing with this potentially tricky situation that involves your children. Remember that you aren’t alone in this. By taking into account the following... Read More

Difficult Decisions: How Child Custody is Usually Handled

For married couples considering or currently going through a divorce, many questions and fears will undoubtedly come up. Who will the house go to? What about the cars, bank accounts and even debt? There’s a lot to process during a divorce, but perhaps the most important factor is child custody. If you and your spouse have children, then deciding who... Read More

A Peaceful Resolution: Avoiding Conflict During Child Custody Proceedings

Sharing child custody with a former spouse isn’t easy. Between coordinating who has the child or children during a certain holiday, shuffling house schedules and trying to figure out next week's plans, the process can be challenging to say the least. When both parents work together, cooperate and are respectful of one another, however, children are more likely to transition... Read More

Child Custody and the New School Year

The new school year has arrived and while the idea of going back to class is exciting for some, it means something different for parents who may have divorced over the summer. Divorcing couples in the middle of a custody battle need to keep the safety and security of their children in mind when they are away from the custodial... Read More

Divorce and Taxes: How Exemptions are Determined in Child Custody

The deadline for filing your federal income taxes is almost upon us and many newly divorced couples with children should take into consideration income tax dependency exemption laws. Determining tax dependency was easy in the past when child custody was overwhelmingly granted to mothers while fathers received visitation rights or weekend custody. Joint custody, however, has caused some confusion as... Read More

Changing with the Times: Study Highlights Changes in Child Custody Demographics

The term “single dad” seems to be a much more common phrase these days as more fathers are choosing to care for their children on a full-time basis. Demographics are revealing new trends in American family life as single parent households are increasingly becoming more common in today’s society, according to a Pew Research Center study. Said study found that... Read More