Moving On: How to Deal with Post-Divorce Child Custody Battles

Divorce can become a major turning point for all family members as they oftentimes prove to be extremely difficult to overcome. For many who go through a divorce, simply reaching the end of legal proceedings can bring long-awaited relief. The end of a divorce can introduce an entirely new family dynamic when a couple with children deals with post-divorce child... Read More

Conservatorship and Possession: The New Texas Terms for Custody

In Texas, the legal term "custody" is no longer recognized. It has been replaced by the terms "managing conservatorship" and "possession" to effectively better define the parent-child relationship. Texas courts have always and will continue to consider the child’s best interest. In designing this two-pronged structure, the child, and parents alike, will benefit from ensured stability through the court’s system.... Read More

Children and Divorce: Facilitating the Transition

Divorce is often hard for people to come to terms with. For children, it can be more difficult to understand. Dealing with the affects divorce has on you is hard all on its own, but when you need to worry about how to tell your kids, and how to make them understand, can be much more complex than anticipated. When... Read More