Understanding Joint vs. Sole Custody with our Child Custody Attorneys in McAllen TX

In the world of family law, few matters are as emotionally charged and intricate as child custody arrangements. When parents part ways, determining custody arrangements with attorneys in McAllen TX for their children becomes a top priority. In Texas, as in many other places, parents often grapple with the choice between joint custody and sole custody. Each option has its... Read More

Safeguarding Your Assets with our Divorce Attorneys in McAllen TX

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially challenging time, demanding careful attention to safeguarding assets and ensuring sound financial planning. In this comprehensive guide, our divorce attorneys in McAllen TX delve into essential steps individuals can take to confidently navigate divorce proceedings, focusing on securing financial stability amidst the complexities of separation. Organize Your Financial Documentation The foundational step in... Read More

Learn About Divorce When You’re Not Technically Married From Our McAllen Attorneys

A common law marriage occurs when a couple is married without needing to obtain a marriage license or have a formal ceremony. Texas is one of the few states which recognize common law marriage or marriage without formalities. Our divorce attorneys in McAllen would like to inform you about the misconceptions, proof of evidence, and the consequences you need to know for... Read More

3 Reasons Why Prenups are Important

You just got engaged, and you and your fiancé are in the process of discussing a prenup. A prenuptial agreement is a written contract between two people before marriage to list property rights, debts, and finances each person owns in the case of divorce. We believe that communicating about finances through a prenup with your fiancé is essential to building... Read More

3 Qualities our McAllen Divorce Attorneys Provide as Your Legal Representatives

A divorce can be an extremely upsetting and difficult situation to go through. Finding the right McAllen divorce attorney with your best interests in mind is crucial to help you navigate all the gritty details, such as Texas child support, child custody, property division, and alimony. We want to share three qualities our lawyers bring to every case. Choose Experienced McAllen Divorce Lawyers  You need... Read More

Get the Alimony You Deserve with our Family Attorneys in McAllen

Asking for money from your ex-spouse may be a challenging process, but it is a necessary step. Alimony is considered an additional monetary payment from one ex-spouse to another as financial support. Our family law attorneys in McAllen would like to share the basic steps to get alimony in Texas. Six Reasons You Want Alimony The most common reasons why an... Read More