Prenups: Considering the What-ifs

Experts urge for spouses to formulate a prenuptial agreement as soon as possible. Many engaged couples wait until the last minute and find themselves rushing to gather ideas and to come to an agreement. Creating one at the last minute can hinder the correct execution of all necessary considerations such as estate, distribution of property and guardianship. A prenuptial agreement... Read More

Contested Wills On The Rise

Creating a last will and testament may be that last thought on your mind. It is crucial to seek an attorney to formulate one before the unexpected occurs. Updating it is equally important. Maintaining your last will and testament proves efficient in preventing family disputes in the event of your death. Contested wills prove to worsen situations when a loved... Read More

Deceased Woman’s Will Contested by Heirs

In Massachusetts, heirs are contesting the last will and testament of Ms. Helen Kendall. They argue that there were no witnesses present while Ms. Kendall signed her will while in the presence of a notary at a bank. Her will, however, bears the witness signatures of two bank tellers. The bank tellers were not present while Ms. Kendall signed her... Read More

Texas Judge Disregards Probate Law

Debra Catalani, daughter of Billie Ray Hood, hired attorneys to gain control over her mother’s assets after Billie Ray was stricken with Alzheimer's disease. Catalini was granted control by Texas judge Jack Rickhoff, stripping Billie Ray’s husband, Jack Hood, of his rights. According to the Section 883 of the Texas Probate Law, Hood should have been granted control. Section 883... Read More

Mother Loses Custody of Her Son

Marcy Barrington interfered with her ex-husband’s visitation rights to destroy his relationship with their son. Her behavior stemmed from disagreement over the joint custody ruling. She refused to allow mid-week visitation, engaged a police officer in argument regarding her ex-husband, and attempted to gain sole alliance from her son. A New York court ruled in favor of Martin Barrington granting... Read More

Opting Out of Litigation

Litigation often has the power to leave attorneys, couples and even judges feeling frustrated without a resolution in sight. Mediation, rather than court proceedings, promotes healthy negotiations between spouses to achieve agreements. Aside from the advantage of peaceful negotiation, money and time are also spared. Throwing away thousands of dollars on litigation and spending months firing accusations at each other... Read More

Divorce Forms vs. Divorce Attorneys

The Texas Tribune recently uncovered that Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson was to proceed with referring divorce forms created by the court’s Uniform Form Task Force to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee. Once approved, the divorce forms would be accepted in Texas courts without the need for divorce attorneys. Divorce lawyers contested the use of these forms arguing that... Read More

Pointing Fingers

Just because their marriage lasted only 72 days, it doesn’t mean their divorce will. It’s gotten nastier lately with Kris Humphrey making accusations that Kim Kardashian entered the marriage solely for the purpose of increasing TV ratings and publicity. Humphrey’s accusations of fraud are being brought into question since both parties signed prenuptial agreements with the inclusion of declarations of... Read More

Houston, We Don’t Have Problem

Just a month before her death in February, Whitney Houston made some adjustments in her will. Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney’s only daughter, is said to inherit her deceased mother’s money, estate, and possessions. The money will remain in a trust until Bobbi Kristina’s 21st birthday, in which she will be granted access. On her 30th birthday, she will receive the... Read More

77 Years of Marriage Ends Over an Affair

Antonio C., a 99-year-old man in Naples, Italy filed for divorce in light of discovering his 96-year-old wife of 77 years had been involved with another man 60 years ago. The discovery came about after finding a series of letters written by his now ex-wife and her former lover. Rosa C. and Antonio brought 5 children into the world and... Read More