Website Promoting Infidelity Sees Post-Christmas Surge, a U.K.-based website which provides marital affairs for unhappy married men and women, saw a large surge in registration following the Christmas holiday. The site reported on Thursday, December 27th, that over 16,000 new accounts were registered, quadruple the average sign-up rate. According to the site, unfaithfulness and divorce skyrocket following Christmas compared to any other time of the... Read More

Deceased Woman’s Will Allegedly Influenced By Police Officer

James Ritzo, attorney for the late Geraldine Webber, has motioned for a Portsmouth, N.H. judge to determine whether Webber was of sound mind and free from influence at the time of her endorsing a new will naming Detective Aaron Goodwin as her co-executor. According to paperwork Ritzo filed to the probate court, Goodwin met Webber in November of 2010 after... Read More

Man Accused of Killing Mother May Benefit from Her Estate

Brett Bednarz, who has been accused of murdering his mother and two others on Thanksgiving of 2010, stands to possibly receive interest from his mother’s estate. Bednarz’s mother, Beverly Therrien, possessed no will upon her death. According to state law, her possessions are to be evenly distributed amongst her children. The possessions include two houses and currency. However, if Bednarz... Read More

Sesame Street Discusses Divorce for the First Time

In the 43 years the famed children’s show Sesame Street has been on the air, it has decided to tackle a very sensitive subject that nearly one million children experience every year; divorce. The series has released an online episode in which the character Abby Cadabby reveals her parents are divorced. The move has garnered almost overwhelming positivity. This is... Read More

Israel Grants Same-Sex Divorce for Couples Before Same-Sex Marriage

A Tel Aviv court has granted the very first divorce for a same-sex couple, a move many have declared ironic due to Israel not performing same-sex marriages. Lawmaker Uzi Even and his partner of 23 years, Amit Kama, are the first same-sex couple to have been granted a divorce in the Jewish state. Although same-sex marriages are performed in the... Read More

Massachusetts Court Ponders Provisions of 352-Year Old Will

William Payne died on October 10, 1660. On his deathbed, Payne left a will stipulating that the 35 acres of land he’d left behind was to be used to channel funds to Ipswich schools. The land cannot be sold in accordance with the will. However, due to gross mismanagement and a lack of revenue being generated show that the wishes... Read More

Second Will Surfaces After Death of Heiress

104-year old Huguette Clark died in May of 2011, leaving behind a $400 million estate. Her last known will prior to her death left large sums to few acquaintances, including $34 million to her nurse. However, in November of that year, a second will by Clark had been discovered, having been signed just six weeks prior to the first. The... Read More

Like Children, Couples Fight for Pet Ownership During Divorce

Children aren’t the only ones divorcing couples are fighting for these days. Pets, it seems, are a subject that are becoming more common in the courtroom. Unlike child custody battles, pet custody battles are determined by specific criteria: If a single spouse owned a pet before the relationship began, that spouse will most likely keep the pet. If a spouse... Read More

Divorce Rates Among Elderly Increasing

According to a study conducted by Bowling Green State University, divorce rates among Americans aged over 50 have doubled since 1990. Also in the study; one of four people divorcing each year is over 50, compared to one in ten in 1990. The central reason for the growing number is the fact that a person in that age bracket will... Read More

After 3 Months, “The Jeffersons” Star Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried

It has been a long and drawn out dispute between Sherman Hemsley’s business partner and alleged brother. Flora Enchinton, Hemsley’s good friend, sole beneficiary and self-proclaimed business partner and Richard Thornton, claiming to be the late actor’s brother, have been battling over Hemsley’s estate since the actor’s death in July. Thornton filed a civil suit not long after Hemsley’s death... Read More