Cameron County District Attorney’s Office Recognizes Survivors of Domestic Abuse

On Wednesday, October 24th, the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office will host a ceremony entitled “Petals on the Lake” at the Dean Porter Park Outdoor Pavilion in Brownsville at 6 PM to recognize victims of domestic violence. Many of the scheduled guest speakers are either victims of domestic violence or were personally acquainted with someone who was. First responders will... Read More

FBI Investigates the Trustee of an 88-year-old Heiress

John E. Larkin, a Hollywood financial advisor, is under investigation by the FBI for suspicion that he has mishandled the trust fund finances of Susan Strong Davis, an 88-year-old heiress. Larkin was named trustee of the $11 million trust fund and received $50,000 from Los Angeles Probate Judge Michael I. Levanas for work he performed last year as the trustee.... Read More

Generation Y: Higher Divorce Rate Than Gen X

Generation Y is proving that divorce is simply just a way of life with higher divorce rates than Generation X and previous generations thought to be caused by immaturity and domestic violence, according to recent studies. Their frame of mind has been altered: serial monogamy is a way of life, part of their culture. The concept of separating has been... Read More

Alleged Safety and Health Violations Cost Brick Company $75K

La Conti Concrete & Masonry, Inc. was fined $74,830 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for allegedly failing to provide safety measures for construction workers. OSHA claims they have repeatedly dismissed violations, including failure to make way for secure access for construction workers to a 35-foot tall scaffold and properly storing propane tanks at Secaucus worksite. The brick... Read More

When Considering A Divorce

Divorce is a serious matter. When considering a divorce, there are several aspects that couples should consider before meeting with a divorce attorney. Factors like children, estate and personal loans should be discussed in depth. Children, first and foremost, are the most affected during a divorce, inducing emotional distress. Therefore, knowing who wants sole child custody (referred to as conservatorship... Read More

U.S. News Warns Consumers About DIY Estate Planning

Do-it-yourself (DIY) estate planning has gained popularity in today’s society. According to U.S. News, consumers generate a sense of empowerment in tinkering with legal matters on their own. This is because they are lured by “3 easy steps” advertisements claiming cost effectiveness, and guaranteed thoroughness and security. These claims endanger the correct distribution of your estate in the event of... Read More

Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Even Child Support Overdue Payments

According to data, the state with the most collected child support in 2010 was Texas. Texas superseded all states. However, it neglects to collecting overdue child support, amounting to $13.3 billion. And the numbers are climbing faster than any other state in the U.S. Many children and parents aren’t getting the support they need because Texas is falling behind in... Read More

Britain To Adopt “No Fault Divorce”

Texas has long been known as the No Fault State, given the quirky name after supporting Insupportability as a ground for divorce. This particular ground for divorce of the seven allows couples the opportunity to divorce faster without the need to attack each other with accusations. No one is at fault, plain and simple. Divorce granted. It seems as though... Read More

Probate Feud Over John Q. Hammon’s Care and Millions

Close friends of John Q. Hammons have filed a legal suit over concerns for his care. After 18 months of probate, the case remains unresolved in Springfield, Missouri. In addition, two legal lawsuits have been filed against Hammon’s successor, Jaqueline Dowdy, and John Q. Hammons Hotel Management Company for allegedly conducting illegal business practices after Dowdy broke contract in asserting... Read More

Contested Wills Are On the Rise

In this day and age, divorces are very common, and so are remarriages, thus increasing the likelihood of family conflicts and contested wills. The increase of re-marriages has caused for there to be an entanglement of asset distribution when formulating wills. People who have remarried for the second or third time often times exclude previous children from their first marriage,... Read More