How to Set a Contested Will Final Hearing with Our Probate Attorneys in McAllen

Dealing with a contested will may include defending your loved one’s will is valid, and preserved as originally written. With all the legal vocabulary involved, it is important to learn these five terms with our probate attorneys in the city of McAllen.

In a time of mourning, dealing with legal feuds is the last thing you want to deal with. However, for so many families the idea of “contesting a will” becomes a reality. A Contested will occurs when one or more parties wants to challenge a deceased person’s will in probate court. 

How to Set Up a Contested Will Hearing

Here are the steps to setting up a contested will hearing.

  • Request our probate attorneys in McAllen to be mediators.
  • Meet with others in the will if possible and agree on a hearing date.
  • Schedule the hearing and prepare proper documents & proof.
  • Fill out the notice for the contested final hearing.
  • File the notice.
  • Send the file-stamped document to the contester or respondent.

Either party can set a contested final hearing. If you are the Respondent, you can file a Counter-Petition. A Counter-Petition says what orders you want the judge to make

What is Mediation?

Mediation is when a third-party individual helps both parties in the case reach an agreement. It’s best to have a lawyer present to settle fairly for both sides. Our probate attorneys in McAllen can help you navigate every step of the legal process and all your options. 

Why is Constructing a Will Important?

A will allows you to figure who gets your belongings following your death. Don’t allow the bank to take any money, or cause feuds in the family. If you have a child, it’s best to make life financially easier for them and make them a recipient. 

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