What You Need to Know About Managing Child Support Payments

While finalizing a divorce, the discussion of child support can be difficult to talk through. A court judge ultimately decides who pays child support and how much is needed for the child’s upbringing. However, non-custodial parents, the ones who are responsible for paying child support, do get to request leniency based on several factors. Here is what you need to know.

How Child Support is Determined

A court judge will ultimately decide how much a non-custodial parent pays for child support. However, several factors can alter this:

  • The total income of the non-custodial parent’s income.
  • Child support amounts start at 20% of the parent’s income and are increased by five percent for every additional child.
  • Child support payments are capped, and should not surpass 40% percent of a parent’s total monthly income.

Our child support lawyers will best determine the total child support required for your case. Furthermore, we can provide support in court and act as your representation to ensure your child receives what they deserve.

How to Modify Your Child Support

If you believe that the amount of child support does not justify your child’s needs, it is possible to challenge it by undergoing a child support modification process. Your order will report to the court and consider relevant factors for modification, such as:

● Child care expenses.

● Family violence concerns.

● Age and needs of the child.

● Financial resources of the child.

● Changes in your child’s health insurance.

● A history of missing negotiation appointments.

● Parent inability to make child support payments.

● Parent ability to provide for the needs of the child.

● Time and cost of possession and access to the child.

● Parent’s net resources, housing, income, and earning potential.

Contact our Child Support Lawyers in McAllen TX

Our McAllen child support lawyers will represent you in court and help you receive the child support your child deserves. Do not hesitate to reach out to us online or give us a call today at (956) 287-7555 to schedule your free consultation.

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