Stay on Top of Your Child Support Payments or This Can Happen to You!

Have you started paying child support in McAllen, Texas? If so, then know that if you’re late with payments, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in Texas can claim your finances by any given means. Our family and divorce lawyers in McAllen can help you. Read on to learn about the different ways the OAG can try to garner your child support payment.

How the OAG Enforces You to Pay Child Support

How the OAG Enforces You to Pay Child Support

The OAG works with a variety of groups across Texas that can directly impact your child support status. If you don’t pay, the OAG can:

  • Deny a new or renewed passport
  • Seize lottery prizes issued by the Texas Comptroller’s Office
  • Report the amount of child support owed to any credit reporting agencies
  • Request state agencies to revoke any professional, driver’s, or hunting and fishing licenses
  • File liens of properties, bank accounts, life insurance plans, or settlements to get the money owed

Modify a Child Support Order

Modify a Child Support Order 

However, suppose you have an understandable reason for not paying child support, like being unemployed. In that case, you can request to modify your child support order. You can do this in a court hearing, but make sure to contact a family divorce lawyer first if you need advice or if:

  • Your ex-spouse hires a lawyer
  • You have a contested child support case
  • You fear for your or your child’s safety

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We work with all matters in family law. Our divorce lawyers can help you if you’re dealing with:

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