3 Factors that Can Affect Your Child Custody Order this School Year

Are you struggling to honor your child custody agreement during their new school year? If so, you may need to modify your custody order so that your child’s needs are met. Other reasons to change the order might include wanting more custodial rights or if your child’s needs have changed. Fortunately, you can depend on our divorce attorneys in McAllen to help you. Consider the following factors that can come into play that might require a change in custody.

A Change in Work Schedules

You can change a custody order if your employment changes. This can include losing a job, getting a promotion, starting a new position elsewhere, or traveling often.

Unexpected Life Changes

You can also need to modify a custody order if:

  • You move to a town further away from your child. (This was already mentioned in the previous part.)
  • Your child attends school elsewhere.
  • You or your ex-spouse develop ongoing health issues.

Custody Disputes

You and your ex-spouse can create a custody order on your own. However, if neither of you can agree on custodial terms, a judge will need to intervene. If this occurs, our divorce attorneys can help you file a contested modification order.


  • Represent you in court.
  • Draft all necessary legal forms.
  • Provide invaluable info on Texas’ child custody laws.

Contact Our McAllen Divorce Attorneys

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