How Much You Could be Paying for Child Support in the State of Texas?

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, no matter how you tackle it. Things don’t have to be this way if you understand what it is you need to do. The following will guide you through the child support laws of Texas and how much you can be paying. Our McAllen divorce lawyers can help you during this difficult time.  

According to the State of Texas

Texas child support guidelines state that child support is based on the income of the noncustodial parent, or obligor. Depending on the number of children, the amount being paid can increase after payments have begun. The obligor must pay the dollar amount, which is based on his/her net disposable income.

Requirements can be changed based on the finances of both parents, the settlements agreed to by both parents or court system, and the needs of the children.

Determining How Much Will be Paid

The following is a breakdown of how much the supporting parent will have to pay according to rules set by the State of Texas:

  • 1 child – 20% of the supporting parent’s net income
  • 2 children – 25% of the supporting parent’s net income
  • 3 children – 30% of the supporting parent’s net income
  • 4 children – 35% of the supporting parent’s net income
  • 5 children – 40% of the supporting parent’s net income

The amount being paid cannot exceed $7,500 of the supporting parent’s monthly net income.

Working Together to Understand Your Children’s Needs

Sometimes, working together with your ex-spouse can seem unrealistic. When children are involved, though, know that it’s important to discuss their needs together. Child support payments are broken down in order to pay everyday expenses like your kids’ medical care, housing, utilities, groceries or savings. More can be discussed with one of our attorneys in McAllen.

We Can Help

Our divorce lawyers in McAllen, TX can help you sort out the details involving child support and child custody. Contact us today to help guide you through the challenges of divorce.

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