Update Your Estate Plan with this Spring Checklist from our McAllen Attorneys

It’s time to do a little spring cleaning to your estate planning documents.  Working with McAllen attorneys is an essential step to ensure your estate planning process goes smoothly. We can help you categorize your assets and ensure your estate plan is thoroughly written. Through the course of your life, there are several sections of your estate plan you will need to update.

Your McAllen Wills and Trusts Change

Our probate attorneys recommend reviewing them every three to five years in case of a life-changing event or if you moved to a different state. Be sure to discard outdated copies of your will and other documents and keep your updated ones safe and sound.

Your will may need to change if:

  • Your spouse passes away.
  • Your children are no longer minorities.
  • Your Power of Attorney needs to change.

Your Executor is Not Available

An executor should always be listed in your will. However, as life obligations continue, the person in this role may change. Our probate attorneys in McAllen can help you change the executor role. You may want to change your executor if that person:

  • Passes away.
  • Changes their legal name.
  • Is unable to serve this role.

Your Assets Change

Consider how your assets have changed over time and notify your probate attorney in McAllen while you can still make changes to your will or trust. Ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to receive my parting gifts?
  • Has there been a decrease in my assets or debt?
  • Are there assets, such as an investment account, that I have designated to a loved one?

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