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Do you have a difficult time talking about writing a will? Our probate attorneys in McAllen know that handling someone’s affairs can be difficult. We want to clarify how the probate process works to distribute your will and the terms you and your family need to know.


Important Terms to Know for Probate

There are different roles and terms involved in the probate process. Take note of the following terms: 


● Decedent refers to the deceased person whose estate is in the probate process.

Estate refers to the decedent’s assets, including land, bank accounts, investments, heirlooms, and more.

Will refers to the decedent’s legal document outlining how their assets are distributed following their death.

● Beneficiaries are people designated to receive property from the decedent’s will. 

● An administrator is appointed by the court to be responsible for the executor’s duties if the decedent does not specify one.

● An executor is a person appointed in the will to file and distribute assets of the decedent’s estate and will.


What to Expect During the Probate Process

The first step to begin the process is to file for probate. In Texas, it can take up to four years after the decedent dies for the executor to file for probate, which is why we recommend working with our probate lawyers in McAllen for all your probate and estate planning needs.


The Beginning Stages of Probate

After filing, the probate process occurs in stages. The beginning includes:


● There can be a waiting period before a probate hearing takes place. 

● During the hearing, a probate judge recognizes the decedent’s death and verifies the will and executor.

● The executor is then approved to identify and catalog the decedent’s estate and notify all beneficiaries of the will. Only then can assets be distributed. 


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Our probate lawyers in McAllen can guide you through the entire probate process, from documenting an estate to distributing those assets. Contact us online or call (956) 287-7555 for a free consultation.

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