4 Facts About Working with McAllen Probate Lawyers

Probate court can seem confusing or intimidating to undergo, especially if you are a beneficiary. Not only does a court review your loved ones’ will, but there is technical jargon, and some family members may even want to contest the will. Mourning a loved one’s passing is hard. What should not be difficult, is who you trust to help you ensure you keep what is rightfully yours, and that is where our McAllen probate lawyers come in. 

We want to share four ways our McAllen Probate Lawyers can improve your experience in probate court proceedings. 

Our McAllen Probate Lawyers Take on Many Roles

A probate attorney or lawyer helps an executor or administrator to help direct and manage an estate after someone dies. Depending on their required involvement, a McAllen probate lawyer can:

  • Assist in the distribution of belongings.
  • Identify and evaluating assets in the estate.
  • Send notice to probate heirs, accreditors, and contesters.
  • Communicate clearly with the client and probate courts.
  • Resolve all issues within estate, gift, and income tax issues.

Probate Lawyers Act as Representation

A will is a legally binding written document written by a testator in which they determine who will be heir to their belonging after their passing. In Texas, people are not required to have a probate attorney present to probate their will, but it’s recommended to have representation, especially if you stand to inherit several assets.

Our McAllen Probate Lawyers Can Help in Contested Wills

Contested wills occur when a contester, usually an individual who’s written in the will, legally fights its validity. This occurs when someone claims:

  • The will was forged.
  • The individual did not get it officialized.
  • The testator did not have enough witnesses.
  • The testator did not follow proper instructions.
  • An individual was coerced/threatened to write in someone’s favor.
  • The testator was under the influence of substances while writing the document.
  • The testator was mentally unstable or not in their right mind when the document was written.

If there is evidence to believe any of the following, an individual may find it suitable to contest the document. The probate attorney can also represent the contesting side in probate court.

We Help You Secure Estate Assets

Probate lawyers do more than fight for you in a courtroom. If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are trying to recover their estate, a probate lawyer can search for some answers. With enough information, they can help seek lost belongings by identifying, securing, and managing properties.

Only certain types of assets can be probated. Usually, items of higher value, such as:

  • Art
  • Boats
  • Jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Vehicles
  • Family heirlooms

Contact Trustworthy McAllen Probate Lawyers

Only the best probate lawyers will go above and beyond for all your probate needs. We at Barrera Sanchez and Associates are both experienced to handle any curves in a probate court proceeding. Send us a message to get a free estimate today.

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