What You Should Know About Changing Your Child Visitation Agreement During COVID-19

The new school year has come with many new challenges for divorced parents. No matter if kids are studying from home or attending classes, parents are required to uphold their visitation schedules during the COVID-19 pandemic according to the Texas Attorney General. What should you do if you feel the need to adjust the visitation schedule you and your ex-spouse follow due to the pandemic? Consider modifying your visitation order with the help of our McAllen divorce lawyers!

Find Out What the Issue Is

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some divorcees don’t feel comfortable sending their children to ex-spouse’s homes. Modifying your visitation schedule can allow both sides to make new schedules. A few reasons that COVID-19 can affect your visitation schedule include:

  • Someone in the other household being diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Fearing that your child may be exposed to COVID-19 under your ex-spouse’s supervision.
  • Your ex-spouse not enforcing COVID-19 safety measures like social distancing, disinfecting the home, etc. 

Modify Your Visitation Order

To request a change to the visitation schedule that you and your ex-spouse follow, you’ll first have to fill out paperwork by the court that approved the divorce. Our divorce lawyers in McAllen can help in ensuring that this paperwork meets all legal guidelines. Your modified visitation schedule must be presented before a judge who will then determine if the request will move forward.

How Can Our Attorneys Help?

Our McAllen divorce lawyers can help with your visitation change request and prepare you for your request hearing. They can also help with the following:

  • Explaining your request’s details, your rights, how making a request will affect you and your ex-spouse, etc.
  • Offering reliable feedback on your request and point you in the direction you should be going in.

Schedule a Consultation

Get sound legal advice from divorce attorneys you can trust. Contact us in McAllen today to set up a consultation for your child visitation!

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