6 Common Myths Debunked by our Child Custody Attorneys in McAllen

Are you facing a child custody battle for the first time? Before you even start the custody battle, you should be prepared and well-versed so you can fight for your right to your child. We’ve put together 6 of the most common myths about child custody, so you can confidentially meet with our child custody attorneys in McAllen. 

Myth 1: Parents Cannot Visit their Child if They Don’t Pay 

It’s illegal and unethical to prevent the other parent from seeing the child if they haven’t paid child support. If you find yourself in a financial bind or at a sudden loss of a job, then don’t fret. You could file for back pay. If payment has not been arranged then, and payment has still not been paid, you could face serious consequences. 

Myth 2: Child Support Cannot Increase

If you lose your job or suddenly make less money, you could apply for a pay modification. If you are getting higher pay, your child support could also be raised. Use it as soon as you are laid off or find yourself low on funds before you find yourself in trouble.

Myth 3: If a Man Doesn’t Believe He is the Father, It’s Ok to Skip a Summon

If you genuinely don’t believe you are the father and owe money, you still legally have to go to a court summoning. Just as you have to go to fight a parking ticket, it’s legally required to attend. You may be required to take a paternity test to prove that you are not the father.

Myth 4: The Best Time to File is when Both Parents are Fighting

The best time to file and apply for child support is when both the custodial and non-custodial members are on good terms. Parents can sit down and agree to all child support services if they are in a good place. 

Myth 5: Child Support Money Paid Should Only Go to Specific Needs

This is not true. The money can be used however the other parent pleases as long as it creates a beneficial environment for the child. However, if you believe your money isn’t being used for your child’s well-being, you could hire an attorney to build a case against your child’s other parent.

Myth 6: You Only Have to Pay Fees if You Fall Behind on Payments

Not true. You need to make the payments as well, unless you have requested a modified order. There are other consequences that can occur if you don’t pay in full, including, a jail sentence, a revoked passport, and even losing your driver’s license. 

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