How McAllen Divorce Lawyers Help to Navigate Agreements

Child custody can be really tough when parents split up. In McAllen, like many other places, you have to know the rules about who takes care of the kids. Our McAllen divorce lawyers are going to talk about child custody and how it works, plus some tips for parents.

Understanding Child Custody in McAllen

  • Physical Custody: This is about where the child lives most of the time. Sometimes, both parents share this, and the child lives with each at different times. Other times, only one parent has it.
  • Legal Custody: Legal custody is about making the big decisions for the child, like where they go to school, what doctor they see, and what religion they follow. Parents can share this responsibility, or one parent can have all the say.
  • Visitation: Visitation schedules decide when the parent who doesn’t have physical custody gets to spend time with the child. These schedules can be flexible or strict, depending on what the parents agree on and what’s best for the child.
  • Child Support: Child custody agreements often talk about money. It’s about making sure the parent who doesn’t have physical custody helps pay for the child’s needs.
  • Modifying an Order: If circumstance change, like where a parent lives or works, the custody plan can change too. And if a parent doesn’t follow the plan, there are rules to make them.

Divorce & Child Custody Terms

Here are some words you might hear when dealing with child custody or divorce, that parents show know:

  • Sole Managing Conservatorship: This means one parent gets all the custody rights.
  • Joint Managing Conservatorship: Both parents share custody.
  • Standard Possession Order (SPO): It’s a schedule that says when the non-custodial parent can be with the kids.
  • Possession and Access: This is just another way to say visitation.
  • Mediation: It’s when parents get help from someone neutral to make a custody plan. It’s less fighting and more talking.

Tips for Co-Parenting

When you have a custody plan, co-parenting is the key to making it work:

Talk: Keep talking to the other parent. Share what’s happening with the kids.

Kids Come First: Always do what’s best for your children. Think about their health and happiness.

Get Help: If you can’t agree, ask a mediator or therapist who knows family stuff for help.

Contact our McAllen Divorce Lawyers

Child custody can be hard, but with some know-how and teamwork, it can be easier for everyone, especially the kids. If you need help, lawyers like Barrera Sanchez and Associates in McAllen are there for you. We know the rules, and can help you figure your next-course of action. Contact us today.

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