Get the Alimony You Deserve with our Family Attorneys in McAllen

Asking for money from your ex-spouse may be a challenging process, but it is a necessary step. Alimony is considered an additional monetary payment from one ex-spouse to another as financial support. Our family law attorneys in McAllen would like to share the basic steps to get alimony in Texas.

Six Reasons You Want Alimony

The most common reasons why an ex-spouse may feel the need to ask for compensation:

  • Afford their mortgage.
  • Afford their education.
  • Contribute to their children’s needs.
  • Advance their skills for self-sufficiency.
  • Keep their children in their marital home.
  • Pay for training to return to the workforce.

Learn About the Three Kinds of Alimony

There are three types of alimony determined by the state of Texas that help determine what you can receive from your ex-spouse:

  • Contractual alimony occurs when both ex-spouses mutually agree to terms of spousal support.
  • Spousal support is court-ordered monetary payments given while the divorce is still pending.
  • Spousal maintenance is court-ordered monetary payments that are part of the divorce agreement.

Who is Eligible to Receive Alimony in Texas?

While an ex-spouse may request alimony from the other, they must prove that they do not own enough property to meet their needs. They must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • They have a debilitating mental or physical disability preventing them from earning income to support themselves.
  • They have a child who presents a physical or mental disability, preventing the parent from finding or earning a sufficient amount of income.
  • The marriage has lasted for at least ten years, and the dependent spouse made efforts to earn income yet continues to fail to meet their needs.

Get Your Alimony with a Family Law Attorney in McAllen

Asking for alimony during or after divorce shouldn’t have to be complicated. Reach out to our family law attorneys in McAllen to begin the process. Send us a message online or call (956) 287-7555 today.

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