How to Fight for Your Custody Rights & Visitation During Back to School Session

Divorce is hard, having an ex-partner that settles on anything would make life so easy, however, this is highly unlikely. It may be grueling to even see the old flame much less agree on something like child’s custody rights. Settling on any kind of arrangement for visitation may seem near impossible, especially during back-to-school. To get an improved understanding of the sticky situation you’re in, here are several ways you can fight back for your child.

Visitation for the Child While in School

Joint custody visitation can get tricky, especially when they join several school organizations and extra-curricular activities. Their plate will be as hectic as your visitation schedule. Try to find a middle ground to even out any rough edges on visitation rights. If there is no consensus it is probably best to contact us, so we can re-negotiate a plan of action. 

Dates are Vital

Once the court rules what’s best for your child, and your granted possessory conservatorship, date will be assigned for each party. Being there for your time with your child is vital to not only keep your bond with your child, but a civic duty as it is court-ruled. 

Disagreements Outside the Court 

If the other parental party does not wish to allow the child with you on one of your days, it is important to keep the decree of what was court ordered on you at all times. It is fair to make a police report of the other parent’s irresponsibility for any future child-custody court disputes. If there are enough police reports against the opposing member, there is a possibility they may lose custody of the adolescent. 

It is imperative to get the right help needed for your legal suits, we/ can give you the legal representation you deserve. For any questions or concerns, send us a message online or give us a call at (956)287-7555 for a FREE consultation.

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