If You’re Still in Quarantine and Plan to Divorce, Here Are 3 Things to Know

Were you and your partner discussing the possibility of divorce when quarantine started? Is divorce still an option? If so, know that our McAllen divorce lawyers want to make it easy to serve you by phone while still respecting social distancing. Only a family lawyer can properly explain the process. We suggest writing down your concerns to ensure that we answer all of your questions. Consider the following when planning to divorce during quarantine.

Know the Court Process

While most district courtrooms are slowly re-opening, scheduled hearings depend on the jurisdiction. If you’re unsure of how divorce proceedings occur during quarantine, speak to us. Also, consider asking:

  • What’s a realistic timeline to complete my divorce during this pandemic?
  • How many additional costs or fees are there to expedite my divorce?
  • Will there be any delays while getting my divorce?

Discuss Your Finances

While preparing your divorce papers, it’s vital to plan on what’s to become of your and your spouse’s assets. While drafting these papers, consider speaking to your spouse about:

  • How to minimize legal fees.
  • Choosing what to do about your home.
  • How to handle taxes and fees owed on the home.

Determine Your Family’s Set Up

If you have children, then the family dynamic will undoubtedly change. Likewise, co-parenting your children can be difficult if you both are separated during the quarantine. Consider asking us:

  • How your custody rights will change during quarantine.
  • How child support payments can be affected.
  • If your visitation schedule can be changed.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers

Contact our divorce lawyers in McAllen to get started on your divorce proceedings today. Not only do we offer consultations for divorces, but we can also act as your legal representation!

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