A Few Tips to Help You Keep Your Child Custody Plans Simple

If you and your ex-spouse have recently divorced and are in the middle of deciding how your child custody plans will be drafted, then it’s important to take a step back and create a summer parenting plan that will make your child custody setup easier to manage and follow. Make your summer visitation plans hassle-free with these tips, provided to you by our divorce lawyers in McAllen.

Log Important Visitation Dates for Summer

When creating a visitation plan, you and your ex-spouse may want to consider both of your schedules, the ages of your children, and how both will play roles in said visitation plan.


  • Whether your child will be attending summer school or participating in another educational program.
  • If your visitations will need to be extended or rescheduled to accommodate your child’s job (if he/she has one).
  • Your child’s visits with friends and planned vacations with your ex-spouse.

Decide How Child Custody will be Arranged

Now comes the time to sit down and create a visitation schedule (such as this one provided by the Texas attorney general’s office) after all factors have been considered.

Both parents will need to consider:

  • Which parent the children will spend time with during summer holidays or get-togethers such as the Fourth of July or birthdays.
  • The day and time when each parent will have the opportunity to visit the children.
  • The date, time, and location of where the children will be picked up or dropped off when a visitation begins or ends.

Determine Who will Make Important Decisions

Since you and your ex-spouse will most likely have different sets of rules to follow, it’s important to come to a mutual agreement on these rules.

Some topics to consider making rules for include:

  • The times – and amounts of time – the children will be allowed to spend using electronics and social media.
  • Which types of gifts one parent will give the children, such as a pet, a vehicle, or an allowance.

Our Child Custody Lawyers in McAllen Want to Help You

To learn more about possession orders and child custody in McAllen, feel free to read our past blogs about child visitation. If you need help with your child custody needs, contact our divorce lawyers in McAllen.

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