Why You Can’t Use the Same Divorce Lawyer in McAllen

Did you know that you and your ex-spouse cannot use the same divorce lawyer in Texas? While some couples have wanted to do so, it is very much in your best interest to use separate divorce lawyers in McAllen in a divorce court hearing. We want to share three roles our divorce lawyers can fill as we help you navigate the ins and outs of your divorce proceedings.

The Same Lawyer Causes Conflict of Interest

One McAllen divorce lawyer cannot represent both spouses due to a significant conflict of interest. We understand that what may be best for one party does not necessarily benefit the other. Especially if you are in a contested divorce.

Your Divorce Lawyer Can Act as Mediator

A divorce lawyer works as a neutral party to help both parties come to agreeable terms during mediation. Even though a divorce attorney in McAllen cannot represent you and your ex-spouse during your divorce process, they can still help you through mediation. Our divorce attorneys can work as mediators to help:

● Inform you about divorce laws in Texas.

● Facilitate constructive conversations in a controlled environment.

● Understand any paperwork you and your ex-spouse need to fill out.

● Promote conflict resolutions in child custody and division of community property.

Number One Reason to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Although you may save costs by asking our divorce attorneys to act as mediators, they may not provide any legal advice throughout the mediation process. This means that you may not receive the best outcome for yourself. This is why we recommend hiring our divorce attorneys to help fight for your rights, property, and everything you legally deserve.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in McAllen Today!

Our divorce lawyers in McAllen understand that getting a divorce is complicated. We can act as your legal representation and walk you through all legal divorce matters. Send us a message online or call (956) 287-7555 today.

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