Visitation Rights: How to Go About Seeking Enforcement When Denied Time with Your Child

In most situations, both custodial and non-custodial parents deserve bonding time with their child, but problems can arise when both parties disagree on a visitation schedule. This can create tension and even ill feelings between both sides, and as we all know, your child deserves better than to be thrown into the mix of things.

However, there may come a time where a schedule between you two cannot be agreed upon or your visitation rights are being infringed upon. Here are three ways you can enforce your visitation rights if you are not allowed time with your child.

Coming to Terms Outside of Court

Texas is one of the few states that implement parenting/visitation orders as part of the child support process. Parents can actually create a schedule that works for them without ever getting a standard possession order.

Do this by:

  • Meeting with your ex-spouse to create a schedule that works for you both.
  • Agreeing on alternative plans if one of you cannot commit to a visitation time.

Hire an Attorney

If a parent fails to pick up their child or refuses to commit to previous dates that have already been set up, you can rely on our family law attorneys in McAllen. We can help you enforce a visitation schedule by:

  • Filing a motion for enforcement on your behalf through a court.
  • Reaching out to a county or district court to have a judge enforce a court order under emergency situations.
  • Create alternative visiting schedules without the emotional strain of dealing with your ex-spouse.

Request a Change in Visitation Time

If you are a parent who was denied bonding time with your children, you can request a change in the visitation schedule. Prepare for this request by recording the following:

  • The date and time of denial.
  • What occurred when you were denied time, such as no one answering the door, phone calls going unanswered, etc.
  • Note the names and phone numbers of witnesses that were with you.

Get the Legal Help You Need Today!

You cannot claim that you were denied visitation without formal documentation. That’s why we encourage you to visit us at your earliest convenience so we can get the process started on your visitation rights. Contact our divorce attorneys in McAllen for assistance with your child custody needs.

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