4 Tips to Respond to a Child Visitation Order from our Child Custody Lawyers in McAllen


After a divorce occurs, it can be tough for two former spouses to come to an agreement regarding who cares for their children and how this will be done. This is especially true if the spouses had a rocky divorce and emotions are constantly high when the two are in each other’s presence. Read on to learn four tips from our child custody lawyers in McAllen on how couples can make the visitation rights process easier for everyone involved.

Both parents should agree on places that their child or children are allowed to be and not allowed to go during custody periods. Additionally, parents should agree on how the following will be handled:

  • Pick-ups and drop-offs at school
  • Providing health care
  • Education decisions
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Discipline

Respond to Kids Based on Their Age

Children are impacted differently by their parents’ divorce, so it’s important to take this into account. Older kids are more likely to be accepting of a divorce whereas younger kids might be left confused or scared.

Parents should also consider how to respond when their children react negatively during the separation process. It’s best to be honest and important to impart on them that both you and your former spouse love him/her unconditionally.

Create a visiting schedule, such as the one provided by the Texas Attorney General’s office, for children under twelve years of age. Include your children in helping to plan for this calendar as this will give them input on how they want the process to be.

Remember that it’s perfectly fine to ask your child how his/her period of time with their other parent went. However, avoid being too nosey and accusatory if something occurred that you didn’t like, such as your former spouse taking your child to the movies rather than helping them study. And most importantly, don’t speak ill of your former spouse to your child.

Do You Need Help with Visitation Rights?

If you and your spouse are having difficulty coming up with a visitation plan, then we can help. Contact our family law attorneys in McAllen today for more information about our services.

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