Change Your Child Custody Visitation Schedule with the Help of Our Divorce Lawyers in McAllen

Chances are that you and your ex-spouse share a judge-issued possession order for access to your child. These possession orders vary from family to family and sometimes aren’t convenient enough for the parents to share quality time with their kids. Seek the help of our divorce lawyers in McAllen to request an easier visitation schedule.

Read below to learn how!

File a Modified Order

A modified order means that you are requesting a change to the terms of how often and when you visit your child. This can be done by:

  • Filling out forms provided by the courthouse where your first possession order was made.
  • Filing a petition with the court and asking your former spouse to agree to these changes.
  • Getting approval from a judge and signing the new documents.

Preparing for a Possible Contested Modification Case

If your former spouse does not agree with your request, he/she has the option of contesting it. Our divorce lawyers can help you:

  • Request a hearing where a court will determine if your current possession order should be changed.
  • Report to your spouse (or his/her attorney) that he/she has at least 45 days’ notice before the hearing to be present and accept or deny your modification request.
  • Prepare to sign a new modified order if your former spouse is not present at the hearing.

Book a Free Consultation with Our Divorce Lawyer in McAllen

Contact our divorce lawyers in McAllen if you need to make changes to your pre-existing possession order. You can also learn more about child support from our family law articles online.

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