4 Steps to Filing For a Divorce with a McAllen Divorce Attorney in 2024

Did you and your spouse decide to end your marriage at the end of 2023? Proceeding forward can be difficult or confusing for some ex-couples. Although attaining a divorce may be stressful, you will benefit from hiring a McAllen divorce attorney. 

We would like to provide this four-step guide on how to start, file, and manage getting a divorce in 2024. 

Step One: Make A Post-Divorce Plan

One of the first things to consider as you begin speaking with your McAllen divorce attorney is taking care of your situation at home. A few things to keep in mind for your post-divorce plan are:

  • Figure out if you will move or live elsewhere.
  • Making sure you keep a close eye on your finances.
  • Speaking to your divorce attorney about your rights to alimony.
  • Keep in touch with your support system (therapist, family, friends) to help you navigate your life after your divorce.

Step Two: Take Note of Your Assets

When filing for divorce, you must first take note of all your assets and vital records, such as:

  • Land
  • Bank accounts
  • Deeds to homes
  • Family possessions
  • Business properties
  • Financial documents
  • Vehicles and Car titles

It is important to make lists of everything you own. Your McAllen divorce attorney can help analyze which of your assets are community or separate properties. 

Step Three: Learn About Your Options

Couples in Texas may apply for “no-fault” or “at-fault” divorce. In Texas, couples have the option to separate under the grounds of insupportability without requiring proof. Read our blog to learn more about the seven grounds of divorce.

Step Four: Protect Your Children

When children are involved in a divorce, both parents will also need to settle on their child’s custody. There are three options for parent’s conservatorship in a child custody case.

  • Joint managing conservatorship which grants both parents the right to make decisions for their child.
  • Possessory conservatorship allows visitation rights by a parent that does not hold custody of a child.
  • Sole managing conservatorship means one parent makes exclusive decisions for their child, including all medical, educational, and financing issues.

Reach Out to Your McAllen Divorce Attorneys

Our McAllen divorce attorneys will guide you through each step and do their best to ensure your divorce is as smooth as possible. Reach out to us online or give us a call today at 956-287-7555 for your free consultation!

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