3 Conservatorship Roles to Know Before Seeking Child Custody Rights in McAllen

If you’re currently seeking a child custody order in McAllen, then you’ll probably hear the term “conservatorship.” This is a legal term for someone having custody of a child. There are three conservatorship roles:

  • Joint managing
  • Sole managing
  • Possessory managing

Each determines the type of relationship you have with your child and the decisions you’re allowed to make on his/her behalf. Read on to learn about each.

Joint Managing Conservators

With this role, both parents are named conservators. However, the decision on how much time a child spends with either is decided by a judge and is included in a standard possession order.

Sole Managing Conservators

The sole managing conservator role is assigned by a judge to a parent who is given exclusive rights to make decisions for a child. A judge may assign a custodial parent to be the sole managing conservator, but the other parent can also have this role depending on the family’s situation.

Some decisions a sole managing conservator can make for a child include:

  • Who the child will live with.
  • The education he/she will receive.
  • Consent to any medical or psychological treatments.

Possessory Conservators

A possessory conservator is a parent who doesn’t have custody of their child. However, this person still has parental and visitation rights but cannot make decisions concerning the child’s well-being.

Fight for Your Custodial Rights

Are you fighting for a custody order? If so, contact our child custody lawyers in McAllen for a consultation. We will do what we can to explain the process and point you in the direction you need to go. Reach out to us to explore your options.

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