3 Tips for Coparenting from our McAllen Divorce Attorneys

You finalized your divorce and have custody plans in place! Next, lean into co-parenting with your ex-spouse. Not only is it required for most by a divorce court judge, but it is essential to give your child a sense of security, stability, and healthy mental and emotional wellbeing. Your divorce lawyers in McAllen would like to share four tips to keep in mind when co-parenting.

Tip One: Prioritize Healthy Communication

Practicing healthy communication with your ex-spouse is vital to prioritize your child’s needs. It also allows you and your ex-spouse to discuss your child’s:

  • Education needs.
  • Medical needs.
  • Financial needs.
  • Healthcare needs.

Setting aside strong emotions such as anger, resentment, and hurt when communicating with your ex-spouse is vital to having a stress-free co-parenting style.

Young Hispanic father and toddler son hugging after a visit with their family law attorney mcallen tx

Tip Two: Follow Co-Parenting Guidelines

According to the Attorney General of Texas, co-parenting is all about teamwork and consistency. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Keep the same rules in both households.
  • Discipline and reward your children in similar ways.
  • Establish similar activities in both homes, such as homework and bedtimes.

Tip Three: Help Children Adjust to Visitations

Help your children anticipate change by reminding them that they will be leaving their other parent’s house. When both parents do this, it enforces a stable environment. Be sure to pack their special toys with them and drop them off. When they return, spend some time together and allow them time to adjust to the transition.

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You and your ex-spouse can establish effective co-parenting by keeping your child custody plans simple, establishing consistent schedules, and setting an excellent example for your child! Putting the needs of your child first is key. If you need help or have questions about child custody, send a message to your divorce lawyers in McAllen.

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