3 Steps to Help You File a Custody Order with our Family Lawyers in McAllen

Are you filing for a divorce in McAllen? If so, then be sure to include a custody order. In Texas, legal custody can only be approved by a court judge. Working with our family lawyers in McAllen can minimize the hassle of divorce and custody proceedings. Learn more about filing for a custody order below.

What Type of Custody Are You Seeking?

What Type of Custody Are You Seeking?

The parent who’s been granted custody is called the “conservator,” and there are three types:

  • A joint managing conservator decides the child’s living arrangement and shares the decision-making responsibility with the other parent.
  • A sole managing conservator has exclusive rights in making decisions about their child.
  • A possessory conservator has no custody but still has legal rights as a parent.

There are many reasons for wanting sole custody of a child.

Choosing Your Reason 

There are many reasons for wanting sole custody of a child. 

A judge can order custody as part of a:

Our Family Lawyers in McAllen Can Help

Our family lawyers can explain your rights as a parent, start the filing process, represent you, and organize your case.

Reach out to our family lawyers if:

  • Your ex-spouse has already hired a lawyer
  • Your ex-spouse contests your case
  • You need help filing for custody or want to modify a custody order

Contact our Family Lawyers in McAllen!

Contact us in McAllen for more information about filing for child custody or to set up a consultation today!

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