New Data Reveals More Men Are Opting for Alimony

According to divorce attorneys across the nation, an increasing amount of men are requesting spousal support from ex-wives as part of their divorce settlement. While current and exact statistics are not yet released, based on 2010 Census records, 3% of men were granted alimony. This data was derived from the 400,000 people who received alimony that year. Growing Numbers In... Read More

Talking Things Through: New Study Links Communication and Divorce

A survey conducted by the lifestyle website discovered that the most common factor leading to divorce is communication, or lack thereof. The poll gathered information from 100 mental health professionals which concluded that 65 percent of relationship problems were communication-related. A couple's inability to resolve conflict came in second at 43 percent. The survey also revealed information about the... Read More

Drinking Habits Affect Divorce Rates, Study Finds

The common phrase "opposites attract" is put to the test in a new study highlighting divorce rates and drinking habits. When it comes to drinking, the bonds of matrimony seem to follow a pattern of their own. A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo claims couples with similar drinking habits are less likely to call it... Read More

Report Reveals Unpaid Child Support in Texas Close to $11 Billion

Records obtained by the Houston Chronicle show nearly half a million parents in Texas have fallen behind on child support payments by nearly a month. State and national authorities claim a fluctuating economy and inconsistent jobless rates are taking a toll on parents who pay child support. Officials also claim that more and more parents are applying to have their... Read More

Study Finds Financial Infidelity Linked To Divorce

Secret shopping sprees and frivolous credit card spending may be causing more harm to your marriage than you think. One in ten people admit that hiding their credit card purchases from their partner has played a role in their separation or divorce according to a report by The stress which accompanies financial problems may be overwhelming for some couples.... Read More

Texas Attorney General’s Office Collects Record $3.6 Billion in Child Support Funds

A divorce can spell heavy financial burdens for couples who are not prepared for the cost of ending their marriage. One of the many factors these couples deal with is child support, should they have any children. After a divorce, the father is the one who typically financially supports his children if the mother gains custody. In Texas, the Attorney... Read More

Money for Nothing: El Paso Attorney Releases Controversial Child Custody Ad

A divorcing woman’s first worry is the well-being of her children, should she have any. Considering how to provide a home, food and other necessities will run through her mind incessantly. A consultation from an experienced divorce attorney can ease that worry and make the process of caring for the child easier. An attorney practicing in El Paso, however, has... Read More

Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Website Allows Couples To Handle Their Own Uncontested Terminations

You don’t need to be familiar with divorce law to know that the process is no laughing matter. The time it takes to decide as a couple that your marriage should end for the benefit of both of you should be done with legal guidance. Zac Copp, founder of, thinks otherwise. Copp believes that divorce lawyers are expensive and... Read More

Sleepovers Prohibited by Texas Courts During Divorce

Think twice about asking your lover to sleepover while divorcing your spouse. Regardless of your divorce status, refrain from tainting your image in court as an adulterer. Your children’s emotional and mental well-being is at stake. Watching their parent “replace” mommy or daddy with a stranger so soon can be confusing and upsetting and the court frowns upon it. Texas... Read More

Billions at Stake as Oil Mogul’s Divorce Turns Greedy

It turns out billionaires have money problems too -- at least when the lack of a prenuptial agreement takes a turn for the worst. According to Forbes online, the world is on the brink of witnessing “the biggest settlement in history, worth over $5 billion.” Oil tycoon Harold Hamm could lose grip on the company he established back in 1967,... Read More