The 3 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is an inevitable occurrence for countless unhappy couples. Some of the causes tend to be more common than others, according to Pennsylvania State University researchers.

After evaluating the reasons provided by 200 divorced adults, the results were published in the Journal of Family Issues. Their findings revealed the top three reasons that lead to divorce:

  1. Infidelity – Cheating can be very damaging to any relationship and can cause insurmountable emotional damage, especially in a marriage. It’s not surprising that this is the top reason cited by divorcees.
  2. Incompatibility – The second most common cause of divorce, a claim of incompatibility, occurs when couples experience personality conflicts, which make a relationship difficult.
  3. Substance abuse – Drug use and alcoholism can cause trouble in relationships as they’re known to create trust issues. Inconsistent behavior, like substance abuse, can take its toll on the foundation of a marriage.

Divorces don’t typically occur out of the blue. There are many valid reasons that couples seek one, though research has shown that the reasons mentioned above tend to be the most common.

Resolving Your Divorce, The Right Way

Sadly, getting married and living happily ever after doesn’t always work out, especially when your spouse cheats or develops a substance abuse problem. If you and your spouse feel that a marriage termination is the best course of action, consult with the McAllen divorce lawyers of Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C to discuss your options. Our attorneys will ensure that you understand the grounds for divorce in Texas as well as any legal consequences.

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