Study: Rocky Marital Road Ahead for Daily Commuters

According to a Swedish study, commuting increases the risk of divorce by up to 40 percent. The stress of 45 minute to 2-hour commutes test couples to the extreme and, eventually, drives them apart. Couples may attempt to adapt to the situation within the first few years of commuting but the strain weighs heavy, persuading couples to make that dreadful left turn.

Long hours away from home pose physical distance, but also cause noticeable bouts of emotional distance. Teresa Difalco, interviewed by ABCNews, stated, “I would see him pull away, and it felt like he was going to another world.” Eventually, it was discovered her husband was having an affair. Nonetheless, she admitted, “The distance was more an intruder than the affair.”

A spouse may decide to commute for multiple reasons, and today’s recession makes financial problems the most common. Fathers and mothers succumb to dreadful commutes in hopes of making ends meet. The study begs the question: Is commuting for financial stability worth marital instability?

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