Study Finds Financial Infidelity Linked To Divorce

Secret shopping sprees and frivolous credit card spending may be causing more harm to your marriage than you think. One in ten people admit that hiding their credit card purchases from their partner has played a role in their separation or divorce according to a report by The stress which accompanies financial problems may be overwhelming for some couples.

Reasons for Financial Infidelity

The British price comparison site polled 1,000 men and women and found that 36 percent kept their spending hidden due to believing their spouse would become upset. Another 35 percent stated they concealed their purchases, believing their partner would not approve. It is crucial to the success of a marriage that spouses are up front and honest with each other regarding purchases added to their finances.

Disagreements Regarding Finances May Cause Relationship Difficulties

This is not the first time a study has found a correlation between divorce and financial disagreements. In July of 2013, Kansas State University researchers discovered that disagreements involving finances may be an indicator of divorce. Financial infidelity may cause relationship problems, particularly for non-essential items. The more a couple fights about money, the likelier they are to divorce.

More Than Financial Problems

Financial infidelity is considered a form of cheating. It involves a series of secrets and lies that may devastate a relationship. It is important to remember that the law cuts both ways if you and your partner are married. There are some legal stipulations determining how much of the marital property each party is entitled to in the event of a divorce. In some cases, there might also be additional liabilities depending upon how belongings such as cars or real estate are titled.

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