Silver Separation: Divorces Among Elderly An Epidemic

The 21st century is the age of Generation X independence. Elders who choose to divorce no longer feel ashamed in doing so as opposed to the generation of their parents. At the age of 60, baby boomers are finding solace and peace in asserting their right to live happily, leaving their spouse of 20 or 40 years to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Branded ‘Silver Separation’, the epidemic is contrary to divorces we see among today’s generation, Generation Y, whom divorce for reasons, like adultery or just simply falling out of love after the first year of marriage. Gen Y admits they still love the person they spent a lifetime with but feel a new chapter in their life awaits them.

And so both men and women march forward as the added security of financial stability encourages their decision, being that both genders of this generation have equally accomplished professional success. Personal and financial freedom provide the formula for independence.

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