Probate Feud Over John Q. Hammon’s Care and Millions

Close friends of John Q. Hammons have filed a legal suit over concerns for his care. After 18 months of probate, the case remains unresolved in Springfield, Missouri. In addition, two legal lawsuits have been filed against Hammon’s successor, Jaqueline Dowdy, and John Q. Hammons Hotel Management Company for allegedly conducting illegal business practices after Dowdy broke contract in asserting ownership of the company. Dowdy, CEO, is of supplying information misleading a New York real estate company regarding Hammons Hotel Management Co.’s worth in order to secure an $80 million construction loan.

Along with probate, other issues can arise at any moment regarding the estate of a person. In Texas, probate fights and issues can arise concerning a variety of issues regarding a person’s care or estate. Hiring the correct probate attorney to legally guide you can eliminate hassles.

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