Pointing Fingers

Just because their marriage lasted only 72 days, it doesn’t mean their divorce will. It’s gotten nastier lately with Kris Humphrey making accusations that Kim Kardashian entered the marriage solely for the purpose of increasing TV ratings and publicity. Humphrey’s accusations of fraud are being brought into question since both parties signed prenuptial agreements with the inclusion of declarations of disclosure.

Humphrey’s also brought into light his thoughts about Kardashian’s supposed extramarital affair with Kanye West, since West was not invited to the wedding ceremony in 2011, and has been recently spotted with Kim K. This new accusation alongside others making headlines is threatening to tarnish Kardashian’s celebrity image.

Kris Jenner, Kim’s mom, is laughing off the accusations and stating that Kim just hasn’t made the most correct decisions lately. A 72-day divorce is obviously not one of those good decisions.

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