Like Children, Couples Fight for Pet Ownership During Divorce

Children aren’t the only ones divorcing couples are fighting for these days. Pets, it seems, are a subject that are becoming more common in the courtroom. Unlike child custody battles, pet custody battles are determined by specific criteria:

  • If a single spouse owned a pet before the relationship began, that spouse will most likely keep the pet.
  • If a spouse cares for the pet (feeding, grooming, walking, etc.) more than the other spouse and can provide proof of this, then this spouse will likely be granted ownership, unless the first criteria applies.
  • If a single spouse is granted custody of children (should there be any), this spouse would most likely be granted the pet to prevent separation between the animal(s) and the children.
  • If a pet is listed in a prenuptial agreement, then there is no question as to who the pet goes to

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